Body Language and Unity of Purpose

The Nat Geo Wild television channel airs a show called “The Dog Whisperer.” The host and dog behaviorist Cesar Millan goes to the homes of dog owners who are dealing with challenging habits and obedience issues. Cesar says at the beginning of every episode, “I rehabilitate dogs; I train people.” The idea is that although

Stretch Yourself

The University of Chicago Magazine published “Stretch Yourself” by Harriet Heyman. I would love to hear your thoughts on the many possible spiritual metaphors inside this story: Nearly 20 years ago, I enrolled my two toddlers in an acrobatics class at a hole-in-the-wall circus school in San Francisco. The boys stuck with it for a

Magnetism and Morality

In an article called “Exploring Magnetic Fields with a Compass,” Brandon Lunk and Robert Beichner discuss how to measure the strength of magnetic fields using a compass. They explain, A compass works by allowing a small magnetized needle to line up with the horizontal component of the net magnetic field in its vicinity. In most

Marketing and Thinking Deep

In Marketing Metaphoria, a book The first chapter is called, “How to Think Deeply.” In it, the authors describe the results of interviews with top business leaders discussing their biggest challenges. All of them commented on the “depth deficit,” the inability to engage in what they describe as careful and imaginative thinking. The authors explain: